Our Search Process

Inititate Search• Authorize Search AgreementClient
Prepare for
Planning Meeting
• Complete questionnaire

• Schedule meeting
Search Planning Meeting
• Discuss Practice opportunity, candidate parameters,   compensation/benefits

• Search process

• Interviewing
Search Outline• Recaps search parameters

• Outlines marketing plan

• Requires approval by client

• Sent out 48 hours after meeting
Sourcing• Database, direct mail, ads, practice opportunity line, internet and   othersPinnacle
Screening• Objectives: Meets parameters? Good match?

• Legitimate candidate?
Present Candidate• CV and candidate information sheet

• Requires response within 48 hours — yes/no to interview
Set Interview• Interview coordinated

• Candidate details provided
Interview Preparation• Background checks

• References

• Candidate assessment package

• Client introduction call

• Set up itinerary

• Coordinate with realtor

• Travel arrangements
Interview• Per itineraryClient
Feedback to Pinnacle• Yes/no decision within 48 hours
Feedback to Client• Information from candidate
Offer Made• Within four days of interviewPinnacle or Client
Negotiation• Pinnacle mediates between partiesBoth
Conclusion• Yes/no decision from candidate

• If no, continue with sourcing

Keys to a Successful Search:

  • Timely, candid communication between client and recruiter
  • Effective sourcing and screening by recruiter
  • Tailor the interview to candidate’s professional and non-professional needs
  • Quality time between doctors and candidate on interview
  • Flexibility during the offer and negotiation process

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#top Specialty Description State
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine New Orleans Outpatient Opportunity LA
Family Medicine Family Medicine Primary Care opportunity in an outpatient setting in South GA
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Primary Care opportunity in an outpatient setting in South GA
Family Medicine Family Medicine Outpatient Primary Care Opportunities FL
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Outpatient Primary Care Opportunities FL
Concierge Medicine Concierge Medicine Concierge Medicine Practice in beautiful Seattle, Washington WA
Physician Assistant Physician Assistant Exceptional Outpatient Practice GA
Hospitalist Hospitalist North Georgia Hospitalist Opportunity GA
Palliative Medicine Palliative Medicine Atlanta GA
Orthopedic Sports Medicine Orthopedic Sports Medicine Orthopedic Sports Medicine Position WV