Our Search Process

Inititate Search• Authorize Search AgreementClient
Prepare for
Planning Meeting
• Complete questionnaire

• Schedule meeting
Search Planning Meeting
• Discuss Practice opportunity, candidate parameters,   compensation/benefits

• Search process

• Interviewing
Search Outline• Recaps search parameters

• Outlines marketing plan

• Requires approval by client

• Sent out 48 hours after meeting
Sourcing• Database, direct mail, ads, practice opportunity line, internet and   othersPinnacle
Screening• Objectives: Meets parameters? Good match?

• Legitimate candidate?
Present Candidate• CV and candidate information sheet

• Requires response within 48 hours — yes/no to interview
Set Interview• Interview coordinated

• Candidate details provided
Interview Preparation• Background checks

• References

• Candidate assessment package

• Client introduction call

• Set up itinerary

• Coordinate with realtor

• Travel arrangements
Interview• Per itineraryClient
Feedback to Pinnacle• Yes/no decision within 48 hours
Feedback to Client• Information from candidate
Offer Made• Within four days of interviewPinnacle or Client
Negotiation• Pinnacle mediates between partiesBoth
Conclusion• Yes/no decision from candidate

• If no, continue with sourcing

Keys to a Successful Search:

  • Timely, candid communication between client and recruiter
  • Effective sourcing and screening by recruiter
  • Tailor the interview to candidate’s professional and non-professional needs
  • Quality time between doctors and candidate on interview
  • Flexibility during the offer and negotiation process

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#top Specialty Description State
Vascular Surgery Vascular Surgery 100 % Vascular Surgery Opportunity WV
Family Medicine Family Medicine Family Medicine Opportunity OH
Hematology and Oncology Hematology and Oncology Hematology / Oncology MD
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Pediatrics Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Pediatrics Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician or Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician Opportunity in Georgia GA
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician or Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician Opportunity in Georgia GA
PA - Orthopaedic PA - Orthopaedic Metro Atlanta GA
NP - Orthopedic Surgery NP - Orthopedic Surgery Metro Atlanta GA
Neurology - Hospitalist Neurology - Hospitalist Neurohospitalist Opportunity WV
Neurology Neurology Neurology opportunity affiliated a teaching hospital with a new Neurology Residency Program WV
Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Pulmonary Critical Care Opening WV